Shelby Fastback Shelby GT500



1967 Shelby GT500 barn find:


This is a 1967 Shelby GT500 which is a running driving barn find. The last owner had the car in his family since 1973 till now. The car is factory dark moss green. It is factory 4 speed outboard light car. It also came with and still retains its 10 spoke wheels. The car still retains near all of its original paint even though it has seen better days. The car is very solid and has all original sheetmetal except for the passenger side fender which was replaced before 1973 with a original Ford fender. The floors still have the factory drip Mark's underneath. The trunk floors are perfect. The inner fenders have original Fordvin stamps present on both sides as well as Shelby vin stamp. The engine is a 428PI. The factory 4 speed transmission has the Vin Stamp on it. The rear end is also the correct Spec rear. Pretty much a unmolested running barn find.

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