Mercedes Benz 190SL Cabriolet


A Matt black Mercedes Benz 190SL Cabriolet

This is a great matching numbers Matt black Mercedes-Benz 190SL. These two-door luxury roadsters where produced by Mercedes-Benz between May 1955 and February 1963. A prototype of this model was introduced at the 1954 New York Auto Show.

This specific cabriolet is an early version and good driving Benz that hit the roads in 1955. This cabriolet comes with Soft-top. It includes a Solex carburetors set, lockable Tank cap and White wall tires. This 190SL has a 4-Speed manual transmission. All in all a beautiful 2-seater in good condition.

It has a red leather interior and comes with an Ivory steering wheel, Bucket seats, Transparent sun visors and Becker radio/cassette. This Mercedes made its last miles in the state of Massachusetts, East coast USA.

190SL by the numbers:
VIN # 5500403 (190SL795)
Frame # 121042-5500426
Body # A121042-5500403
Engine # 121921-5500398


  • soft top
  • 4 bak handgeschakeld
  • Banden met witte zijrand
  • Becker radio
  • Doorzichtige zonnekleppen
  • Handgeschakeld
  • Kuipstoelen
  • Leder interieur
  • Radio+cassette
  • Solex carburateurs
  • Stuurwiel elfenbein
  • Tankdop afsluitbaar

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