Ford Talladega 428 Sportsroof


Once there was a 'showroom race car' named Talladega!

Named after the Talladega Superspeedway that opened later that year these Ford Talladega's were produced in Atlanta in limited numbers during the first weeks of 1969. 

With the development of the Talladega, Ford wanted to create a competitive NASCAR race car. With 29 NASCAR titles and driver titles over a span of 2 years they succeeded in this mission! The opening race of the Talladega Superspeedway being one of them.

Only because of governmental rules, which required a minimum amount of cars (500 in 1969) to be produced, the Ford Talladega made it to the public. It is believed only a total of 750 Talladega's where built.

The Talladega development team had enhanced aerodynamic design of their earlier Torino's and optimized it for NASCAR racing. As a result they dethroned Chrysler (Dodge Charger 500) for the years to come.

This presidential blue metallic painted 2-Door sportsroof is equipped with a column shifting heavy duty C-6 cast iron tailshaft automatic transmission. Powered with a 428 V4 Cobra Jet engine. It also contains; a Radio, Double exhaust, Alloy GT wheels, Power brakes, Disc brakes and Power steering. As with is supercar all Talladega's where equipped with black hoods, rear tail panels and an interior that contains black vinyl and cloth with a front bench seat(!)

This Talladega is for sale in its original condition.





At Geevers Classic Cars we have Europe's greatest classic Ford collection and we are proud to have this Ford Talladega in our collection.

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