Ford Mustang Sportsroof Boss 302

Merk Ford Mustang
Model Sportsroof
Type Boss 302
Bouwjaar 1970
Kleur grabber blue
Interieur black
Conditie Zeer goed
Prijs Op aanvraag
Status Nieuw in voorraad
Nummer 2338

The Boss 302 you want!

Produced at the Dearborn plant at the epic centre of America's car industry in March 1970, this Ford Mustang 2-Door Sportsroof was sold in Wheaton just a few miles outside of Chicago. This Fantastic Grabber blue Pony with black accents surely raced the banks of mighty lake Michigan.  

A Pony like this is called a Boss for a reason! On the engine side this 2-door 4-seater has a high-performance 302-V4 Boss Engine with a 4 Speed Close Ratio Manual transmission on top of it. You wouldn't like a car like this to be automatic, would you...?

This is a Boss in specs as well. With a black interior that includes an electric clock, tachometer, Radio, Rim Blow Deluxe-steering wheel, bucket seats, and Sport Deck rear seats.

On the outside this Pony looks striking too! As the 1970 Boss models are iconic because of their hockeystick like stripes, Sport Slats louvres and rear deck spoiler. With a Shaker hood scoop on top, double exhaust and Magnum 500 Chrome Wheels to seal the deal. Check its engine and bodywork.

A badass car in a very good condition like this one is a pretty rare find.



At Geevers Classic Cars we have Europe's greatest Ford Mustang collection and we are proud to have this Ford Mustang Mach 1 in our collection.

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