Ford Mustang Mach one john wick s-390


1969 John Wick Mustang!

Factory 1969 Mach 1 Big Block S-Code

Gorgeous Magnetic Gray Paint

Professionally Applied Vinyl Graphics

Brand New 15" Magnum 500's

Brand New F60-15 Firestone Wide Oval Tires

Brand New Black Mach 1 Interior

Rebuilt 390 Cubic Inch Big Block

Power Disc Brakes

Power Steering

Heavy Duty 9" Limited Slip Differential

Rebuilt Suspension


This '69 is a tribute to the Mustang in the popular John Wick movie series. The build began with a California born S-Code Mach 1. The body was stripped and repainted in Ford Magnetic Gray Metallic. The stripes were professionally designed & applied in a high quality vinyl to last, or if at some time you prefer to remove them it would be simple requiring only a heat gun, not a repaint. The chrome & bright trim were all either replaced or restored. The result is very unique & striking tribute to the original.


Inside, the interior is worthy of a world class assassin. The 69' Mach 1 was the first true 'Cockpit' design. Unlike most cars, you sit 'in' a Mach 1 and the interior wraps around you. The textures and quality of components really stand out in such a well designed & freshly built interior. Fit & finish are quite nice. Fresh black upholstery throughout with new door panels, carpet, seating, headliner, dash pad, instrument bezels and more.


Under the hood the already powerful 390 was rebuilt with several performance upgrades including Edelbrock F427 Aluminum Intake Manifold, Quick Fuel 4 Barrel Carburetor, Pertronix Electronic Ignition, long tube headers and full dual exhaust. It fires up easily and has prodigious low end torque. The exhaust has a deep, throaty note. Think of the airstrip burnout/drifting sequence in the movie. A simple dig in the throttle and the tires go up in smoke, thanks to the Traction-Lok 9" differential the car goes sideways easily.


On the road the steering is tight thanks to the rebuilt steering & suspension. Equipped with Power Disc Brakes and Power Steering this is a very easy driver. The braking is smooth, straight & predictable. The steering is quite easy with the perfect amount of feedback.


The tires are brand new Firestone Wide Ovals mounted on brand new 15x7 Magnum 500's as the movie car was equipped.


This is a beautiful car and a well done tribute to the movie. It was built to be driven. It deserves & begs to be driven, not hidden away. So fire up the clip, insert your face and enjoy!

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