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Ford Mustang Boss 302


1970 Boss 302


Marti Report Verified BOSS 302

Incredible Rotisserie Restoration

485 Horsepower Boss 302 Engine

5-Speed Manual Transmission

3.91 Nodular Case 9" 31 Spline Traction-Lok Axle

Power Front Disc Brakes


This car is an amazing blend of concours restoration and pro touring. From the outside it would appear to be a 290 Horsepower factory car. Even opening the hood the car still appears to be concours correct. However, the engine now produces 485 Horsepower thanks to a high end build using a modern camshaft and ported Aluminum Cylinder Heads.


The paint is of a very high quality, easily up to indoor show quality. The panels line up correctly for a concours restoration. Door jams and trunk are equally impressive. The chrome and polished trim are equally nice. Even the paint underneath is the correct Red Oxide with proper overspray. Correct paint dobs are in place too. Obviously there are the upgraded components like the exhaust system and front brakes, however they were tastefully installed and perform much better than the original components.


The interior is very nice, again many parts were done as concours. The small deviations are the sound system and console gauges. These were installed very nicely and would be easily removed if desired.


The engine runs incredibly well and sounds amazing. The solid lifter camshaft still makes the mechanical music but its power has been increased by nearly 200 Horsepower! It has a healthy lope at idle and really must be driven to be appreciated. The exhaust note is aggressive but not overbearing. With the 5 Speed transmission the 3.91 ratio 9" is very livable at highway speeds.


The Magnum 500 Wheels are 16" units for a slight decrease in sidewall for better performance and driving chracteristics.


Take a good look at the photos, this is an amazing car.


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