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Ford Mustang Mach one

Marke Ford Mustang
Modell Mach one
Baujahr 1970
Farbe grabber blue
Innenraum black
Zustand Gut
Preis € 41.500,-
Status Neu am Lager
Nummer 2644

The 1970 Mustang Mach One in Grabber Blue is a classic beauty. Its vibrant color exudes a sense of power and style. This particular model is equipped with a 351 Cleveland engine, known for its robust performance and muscular output. The C6 automatic transmission ensures smooth and effortless gear shifts, enhancing the driving experience.


With power disc brakes, this Mustang Mach One offers superior stopping power, allowing for confident control on the road. The 9-inch rear axle adds durability and strength to handle the engine's power.


Not only does it perform admirably, but the Mustang Mach One also boasts a visually stunning appearance. The paintwork is well-maintained and showcases the timeless allure of Grabber Blue. The interior is equally impressive, providing a comfortable and stylish cabin that complements the car's overall charm.


Owning a Mustang Mach One from 1970 in Grabber Blue is like possessing a piece of automotive history—a combination of powerful performance, classic design, and undeniable allure.


  • Automatik
  • Doppelauspuff
  • Nebelscheinwerfer
  • Radio
  • Scheibenbremsen
  • Servobremse
  • Sportfelgen

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