chevrolet pickup truck 3100 truck


Super cool Patina look 3100 Chevy pickup 

In a postwar USA, the industry was restarting and a demand for working vehicles soared. Because of these demands companies went to work and started revamping their aging truck offerings. 

With its Advanced Design series of pickups Chevrolet was the first with completely modernized trucks. Headlights were integrated into the front fenders, grilles resembled passenger car designs, and the roomy cab was designed with full ventilation, abundant head and leg room and a new dashboard that would inspire future car designs. 

From 1947 until 1955 these "First Series" Chevrolet trucks were number one in sales across the entire United States. This 1955 3100 pickup truck is one of the last of this generation that where only produced for three months in that year and are therefore pretty rare.

In this case we offer you a very cool Chevy 3100 that has been beautifully painted in a Patina aged look with nicely branded doors. It has nice chrome parts and brilliant looking whitewall tires. This Pickup truck has a beige colored interior with black seats and a 3 speed manual transmission.





At Geevers Classic Cars we have a great Chevrolet collection and we are proud to have this Chevrolet 3100 pickup truck in our collection.

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