Mercedes Benz 280SL Pagode automatic


This is an high quality European look 280SL Pagode, a car in which the previous owner who owned it over 30 Years spent a lot of money in it, especially optical with new leather, carpet and soft-top, all the chrome parts are new or rechromed, all the seals are replaced, it became an full new paint job started at bare metal, the engine lower block is replaced by an factory new one and the cylinder head 130 016 0801 is rebuilt, this all body wise at an original and rust free basic, its one of the better bodies we had, all the factory welding spots are visible, also in the trunk compartment, the front fenders show the notches near the headlights, it has still the factory undercoating on the floors and wheel housings, it's an unwelded original example.

Quiet simple an very nice example and includes a lot of records.

VIN #  280SL020917 (280sl1348) 

Frame # 113044-12-020917



  • Becker radio
  • Disc brakes
  • European bumpers
  • European headlights
  • Hardtop
  • Headrests
  • Leather interior
  • Power brakes
  • Power steering
  • Rear window heating
  • Sunvisors
  • Tinted glass
  • White wall tires

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