Mercedes Benz 190SL Roadster

Make Mercedes Benz
Model 190SL
Type Roadster
Year 1962
Color Silver metallic 180G (ex dark grey 190G)
Interior red leather
Condition Fairly good
Price € 79.950,-
Status New in Stock
Number 230

This is an late Version 190SL in an reasonable condition, optical it looks nice, the color was Darkgray 190G when it left the factory but in the past changed into Silver metallic 180G, the paint is still in an acceptable condition, also the chrome parts are nice and have a great fitting, the chrome around the windshield could need rechroming in the future, the red leather interior including the carpet which is the correct material is in an good shape, softtop in black is an good condition, the body looks good from the outside but the floors need attention, new floor pan parts are included in the sale and already available, technical this 190SL convertible runs and drives great, the weak Solex carbs are replaced in the past by Mikunis, the alloy manifold and air cleaner are still on it, the lower engine block is in the past replaced by an factory new one, the upper part and especially cylinder head is still the original one. 

Frame # 121040-10-021496 (190SL520)

Body # A121040-10-01160

  • 4 speed manual
  • 8-day wind clock
  • Front bumper guards
  • Leather interior
  • Metallic paint
  • Nardi steering wheel
  • Power brakes
  • Radio

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