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Shelby shelby gt500

Marke Shelby
Type shelby gt500
Baujahr 1967
Farbe limegold
Innenraum zwart
Zustand Original
Status Verkauft
Nummer 1242


This is a rare 1967 Shelby GT500. It is a factory 4 speed car with original inboard lights.

The color of the car is Lime Gold. This is listed in the Shelby registry. The car comes with all of the copies

Of original Shelby paperwork and Marti report. The car has had 4 owners from 1967 till now.

The Shelby was parked in 1984 and was stored in a small garage

by the same owner till now. At that time he took the car apart and was

 going to restore it but it never happened and stayed in the same

spot for 35 years all apart and all of the original parts stored away with the car.

The original windshield has its last inspection sticker still on it.

The last inspection was in 1975 and had the odometer reading

 of 49,568 now fast forward to 1984 which was the last time the car was ever driven

at that time the odometer read 49,611 so in those 9 years only 43 miles were ever put on the car.

The car was discovered and found to have excellent sheet metal which is all original except for the

 rear tail light panel it was changed back in 1984 because of 2 super small rust spots. The original panel comes with the car.

Other than that excellent original sheet metal with no rust or really no dents either and also has all of the original fiberglass still present.

The car has its original vin stamped 4 speed transmission, original rear housing and axles, date coded correct 428 PI block,

 original heads and intake. Also has the crank, connecting rods and pistons.

All these engine parts were redone, very recent, at the machine shop and ready to be reassembled. The car comes with everything that was taken off the car

 and stored away when it was started to be restored but never happened.

The car has all 3 original factory Ford Vin stamps on both front inner fenders and also has the factory Shelby

stamp on the passenger side. All the stamps are very deep and look great. The car also still retains its original Shelby tag

on the inner fender as well. Here is a chance to get a 67 Shelby GT500 that was taken apart but very original and ready to be restored

back to its glory.


  • 4 gang Schalter

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