Mercedes Benz 300 Dora automatic met schuifdak


A great Mercedes-Benz Dora with Sunroof

This is a beautiful black colored and Matching numbers 300 Dora with Sunroof. It was assembled in 1960. This Four-door luxury tourer comes with an automatic transmission.

It has a Tan leather interior and an original Becker radio. All-in-all this beauty is in good condition.

It was the company's flagship model at the time and where superior in performance to its rivals from Rolls Royce and Bentley at the time. The 300d is often colloquially referred to as "the Adenauer", named after Konrad Adenauer, the first Chancellor of (West-)Germany.

This Dora also comes with original documentation such as books and records from maintenance and restoration. 

Pagoda by the numbers:
VIN # 18901112002165  (300.71)
Chassis # 189011-12-002165
Body # A189011-00048
Motor # 189980-12-001667

At Geevers Classic Cars we have Europe's finest Mercedes Benz classic collection and we are proud to have this Mercedes Benz 300 Dora in our collection.

  • Automatik
  • Becker Radio
  • Fondsitz
  • Lederausstattung
  • Schiebedach
  • Servobremse
  • Servolenkung
  • Sonneblenden
  • Stoßstange Hörner
  • Weisswandreifen

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