Mercedes Benz 280SL Pagode handgeschakeld

Marke Mercedes Benz
Modell 280SL Pagode
Type handgeschakeld
Baujahr 1971
Farbe Hellblau metallic 906G
Innenraum Leder Dunkelblau
Zustand Mäßig
Status Verkauft
Nummer 242

This 280SL is in one of the most popular color combination, it left the factory in light blue metallic 906G with an dark blue leather interior, this car can be used as-is, it runs and drives how it should be. 

Depending of the new owner some issues can be better, a good car looking to the metal, is has the factory fenders with welding spots, the floors underneath are very solid and have the correct coating, the gaps are great, what could be better is the trunk floor, because of surface rust the trunk floor is replaced by an flat piece of metal in the past, the best would be to replace the middle part into an original one with the profiles in it with is not an big job to do, the other sheet metal carries the correct body number like the front bonnet, softtop-lid and hardtop, it has 2 tops, hardtop and softtop.

Paint is reasonable, it has here and there an imperfection like small scratches mainly in the clear coat, the question will be or making partly better or replace the current paint in total, chrome parts are very nice with correct fitting. Interior is very nice, the leather has no cracks and could use on a few locations new colour, the carpet is in an good shape. 

Technical a good car, the engine is in the past replaced by an new factory SL engine.

VIN # 113044-10-021045 (280SL1034)

  • 4 gang Schalter
  • Becker Radio
  • Getöntes Glas
  • Hardtop
  • Heckscheibenheizung
  • Klimaanlage
  • Kopfstütze
  • Lederausstattung
  • Metallic Lack
  • Scheibenbremsen
  • Servolenkung
  • Weisswandreifen

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