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Ford Mustang Convertible


F-CODE 260 V8, 

 1964.5 Ford Mustang convertible, but this is a standout amongst those rare few. With its interesting features, an A/C interior, 

Ford had a huge hit on its hands with the first-generation Mustang. It was an instant icon, and so when looking for the ultimate classic, you want the earliest example you can get that has both originality and rarity. That's what makes this one so appealing. Going by serial number on the fender, you'll see a San Jose car with a production number that's one of the lowest you're going to find for a while. Plus, with only around 28,830 convertibles produced during the short 1964.5 run, it's one of the rarest versions of the first-gen Mustang. The color is close to the rare Caspian Blue. It has a metallic element and a modern clearcoat shine, so it really gives this rare drop-top a nice look in the sunshine. So this has a sharp look that lets you enjoy this pony car of distinction. Plus, the styled steel wheels and new white top are part of a total package that announces its premium presence while remaining period-correct.

If you like the way the white roof looks against the exterior, then with the flip of a switch, you'll love taking down the power top and showing off the interior. Inside, there's white on the seats, door panels, steering wheel, convertible boot cover, and dash. And blue returns on the carpeting and dash top. While this makes for a nicely coordinated package, that's not the first thing that will get people talking. After all, this has the bench seat with folding armrest. It's the correct-style look, but it also has been updated. So while we don't have current verification on originality, that's not going to stop Mustang fans from pointing to it and talking about this very rare option. And because you're going to want to enjoy this one on the open road, it has great features, like cold-blowing air conditioning and a retro-style AM/FM digital tuner with cassette and aux input for your iPod.

When you open the hood, the bright gold air topper and matching valve covers grab your attention, but it's what's beneath them that's really special. This is a F-code Mustang, which means it came from the factory with a 260 cubic-inch V8. Once the 1964.5 production switched over to 1965, this option was gone. So it's a cool piece of original history to still have this in the engine bay. Plus, it fires right up like a well-respected classic should. You'll want to show off this cool collectible everywhere, and so it even has easy driving features like, power steering, power brakes w/discs up front, and a smooth-shifting three-speed automatic transmission.


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