Ford Mustang Fastback s-code

Merk Ford Mustang
Model Fastback s-code
Bouwjaar 1967
Kleur vintage bugundy
Interieur black
Conditie Zeer goed
Prijs € 52.500,-
Status Nieuw in voorraad
Nummer 721

1967 Mustang Fastback
Factory S-Code 390GT
Factory 4-Speed Transmission
Gorgeous Custom Paint
High End Custom Interior
Rebuilt 428 Police Interceptor Engine
Gear Vendor's Electric Overdrive Unit
Power Front Disc Brakes

This 1967 was treated to a high end restoration by a well known Mustang builder in Washington State. Several custom modifications were made to make this car stand out at any Mustang show.
To start off with the body is a factory S Code Big Block 4 Speed. Originally a Vintage Burgundy car, a similar color was chosen from Mercedes and gives the same look with a much richer finish. The body is incredibly straight and the panels appear to be rust free originals. Several Shelby styling cues were used and complete the custom look nicely.

Under the hood a 428 Police Interceptor replaces the the 390. It was rebuilt and features Edelbrock Aluminum Cylinder Heads and Hi-Flow Water Pump. The intake is an extremely rare custom unit with 6 carburetors. The multi carb set up really changes the note of the the engine making for a very unique driving experience. The exhaust consists of Hooker Super Competition Headers that have been ceramic coated flowing through 2 1/2" pipes. There are also electric exhaust cut outs allowing for a quick open exhaust system with the flip of a switch. The car sounds tremendous through the exhaust and sounds like a drag car with the exhaust cut-outs opened up.

The Toploader 4 Speed works very nicely shifting up and down the pattern smoothly. The clutch has a hydraulic throw-out set up for smooth actuation. Fitted just behind the toploader is a very rare Gear Vendor's overdrive unit. The overdrive allows for extended high speed runs at a comfortable rpm. This unit is actuated electronically and is shifted via a button on the shift handle. An extremely usable option you will really appreciate on the road.

The interior is of course custom but was done to a very high level. The fit and finish is quite nice and the seat are truly comfortable.

The 9" has been upgraded with a heavy duty housing. The 3.70 gearing is excellent for around town and with the overdrive you effectively have a 2.90 final drive ratio.

The Power Front Disc Brakes work excellent and inspire confidence with consistent and predictable stops

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