Chevrolet Corvette split window

Merk Chevrolet Corvette
Model split window
Bouwjaar 1963
Kleur blue
Interieur black
Conditie Restauratie project
Prijs € 54.000,-
Status Nieuw in voorraad
Nummer 965

This is an original real 1963 split window the good news its owned from 1967 till now by previous owner !!!! the negative its currently not running the 4 speed is taking out the car when he want to start the restoration but never dit at the end ,,,  the original engine was replaced a long time ago  for an 350 engine the 327 correct engines are easy to get to bring it back to matching condition ,original outside color what ermine white split windows are getting harder to find prices go ub fast this one make sense to restore 


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